Personal and Business Expansion

Personal and Business Expansion

1:1 package

6-week journey of healing and growth includes six 60 min. invidivual sessions tailored to your needs.

  • Achieve your goals more easily
  • Expand your personal life or business goals
  • Transform and clear negative emotions and beliefs
  • Shift underlying energetic patterns
  • Shift perspective and reframe your life story
  • Learn to manage your energy system; protection for empaths
  • Understand your life path
  • Heal karmic issues and release karmic vows
  • Release spiritual contracts
  • Move into abundance and ease

Sessions include emotion and belief clearing work, chakra clearing, clearing with source energy and Quick Pulse technique, Sacred Soul Alignments and Arcturian healing, as well as akashic reading of your major energetic patterns and reading of your soul path/karmic path (astrological natal chart)

You will also receive the following Sacred Soul Alignments:

Personal Expansion:

  1. Connecting you to your Higher Self
  2. Sovereignity – be your own sovereign self
  3. Awaken True Happiness
  4. Expand – feel what it’s like to really expand from your own set of limitations
  5. Strengthen your Willpower, motivation and determination
  6. Perfection – be infused with the knowing you’re perfect just as you are
  7. Divine Recognition and Clarity – Recognise truly your own divinity
  8. Desire, Hope, Belief, Expectation – align your desires, hopes and expectations for your highest outcomes
  9. Devotion – empowering energy to awaken your divine nature
  10. Expanding Self-Love and Self-worth

Business Expansion:

  1. Calling In Your Ideal Soulmate Clients
  2. Calling In and Co-Creating what Desires to come through you
  3. Release fear of success
  4. Release fear of failure
  5. Release Launch Fear – clear fear and self-doubt around launching your products or services or being rejected or judged
  6. Release Launch Blocks – release resistance, rejection and blocks such as procrastination etc.
  7. Launch Magic – align your vibration to magic to attract ideal clients
  8. Visibility – be more visible and assertive
  9. Build your Confidence
  10. Lead the way – step into your role as a leader

Session 1: Setting your healing and growing goals

Session 2: Clearing your soul contracts and karmic vows

Session 3: Clearing negative emotions and beliefs, Arcturian Healing

Session 4: Personal Expansion – Sacred Soul Alignments

Session 5: Understanding your soul path

Session 6: Business expansion – Sacred Soul Alignments


All sessions are held on zoom and recorded for your convenience.

Before signing up, check availability by emailing at:

Price: $ 597