Arcturian resonance healing sessions

ARCTURIAN RESONANCE healing sessions, every Monday

Time of sessions may vary, check hours for each individual session. All sessions are $ 25

27 August  2018 at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST / 7 pm UK time

Implants clearing  

Assemblage point balancing and centering

To sign up for implants clearing and Assemblage point centering:


3 September 2018 (hours will be added at a later date)

Auric clearing

Unplugging from fear matrix


10 September  2018

Emotional reset – Amigdula activation – From overeactivity to response

Clear emotional/mental trauma


17 September 2018

Soul retrieval

Cellular and genetic clearing


24 September 2018

Widening Antakarana, your central energy channel

Nervous system upgrade


1 October  2018

Repairing 4 energy bodies

Clearing 13 chakras


8 October 2018

Increase Light Quotient

Life Purpose Activation


15 October 2018

Connect Mind and Heart

Heart and Brain Synchronisation


22 October 2018

Higher Heart activation

DNA upgrade


You can sign up for Group healing sessions here: