Radical self-love: Embrace all of who you are

VOICE DIALOGUE Introductory course

How do you get to a place of radical self-love. Is there a way that you can embrace all of who you are, the good, the bad and the ugly and still love yourself deeply and unconditionally?

Radical self-love comes from deep self-understanding and deep self-awareness.

Discover how to radically love yourself and embrace all of who you are.

Learn a simple step-by-step system called Voice Dialogue process to:

  • align your inner selves and balance your psyche
  • integrate your fragmented selves to feel more whole
  • expand your consciousness and raise your awareness
  • understand your relationships and manage your life better
  • learn how to access your untapped potential

This work is based on Psychology of Selves and working with your subpersonalities. Learn foundational tools for effective transformation such as holding space, expressing all of who you are, learning to desidentify from your negative patterns and beliefs, center in your Observer Self, balance polarities within you, work with your suppressed parts, learn to manage your internal dialogue and embrace all of who you are.

This Introductory Voice Dialogue package contains lectures, PDF exercises, various guided processes and meditations.

Learn how to identify different Inner Selves and start working with them.

Discover how to move into more Expanded Self through Aware Ego Process.

Make a map of your consciousness that will enable you to empower yourself, gain deeper self-knowledge and acceptance and embrace all of who you are.

Learn basics of Voice Dialogue process to align and balance your psyche.

The package contains 3 modules with lectures, PDF workbook and exercises, as well as additional guided processes and meditations.


From ego to essence. Understand your psyche and the role of the Observer Self or Witness in your expansion. Learn a process of desidentification as a key in transforming your limiting beliefs and living from your Essence.


Make a map of your consciousness and get to self-empowerment through self-awareness.


Getting started with Voice dialogue and Aware Ego Process, how to work with you Inner Selves.



 Learn to discern the messages your body is sending you, tune into your body,  communicate with it and harness the wisdom it has for you.

PDF and a guided meditation to communicate with your body access your body wisdom.

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