Abundance Made Easy


4 week online course

running from 10 April 2017 to 5 May 2017

Open to receive abundance the easy way through understanding what keeps you from receiving and through healing your blocks.

Are you still experiencing a sense of struggle, lack or difficulty or a sense of not being good enough preventing you to move into ease and flow in your life? Do you yearn to feel more abundant, do you yearn you could achieve your goals more easily and light-heartedly, instead of feeling lack or struggle? Do you sometimes feel that some things are just not meant for you, keeping you in disempowerment, resignation or lack of motivation, because you just don’t know how to heal your own blocks? Have you repeatedly find yourself kicked off the track by your negative emotions or beliefs? Are you afraid to open (to abundance) by fearing you’ll receive negative outcomes (that you’d be judged, rejected, embarrassed or hurt) because you’re life has repeatedly presented you with such negative experiences? Are you afraid to move forward, because at every step you try to make, you end up feeling unworthy, disempowered and facing your own negative emotions such as self-criticism, your negative image of yourself and lack of self-acceptance or self-love?

Are you hiding all of these feelings and find it so embarrassing to show others how your feel? Do you rather not talk about it from fear others will not understand how you really feel deep inside? Do you hide sadness you feel, because you are afraid people will not listen and be there for you, even if you have always put others first and have been there for others?

I have been in those places throughout my life and have struggled for years finding palpable ways to shift my energy. The course is a summary of best practices I have learned through 18 of my own inner work and trainings as a transformational coach, therapist of integrative psychotherapy and energy healing modalities. This is for you if you want to receive and feel more loved, more worthy, more appreciated and self-empowered and more abundant.

Abundance Made Easy – Open to Receive is a program to show you how working on 5 key principles can help you transform and heal your blocks and propel you into receiving more of what you want for yourself and your life. The 5 principles are:

  2. TRUST

Find how all of these are interlinked and how your blocks (fears, doubts, inability to receive, sense of lack or struggle or difficulty moving forward, procrastination etc.) can be worked through with very easy, short, but deep and thorough processes that will give you the results you’re searching for.

Get clarity how to start building more internal resources and what these are (sense of security, self-acceptance and love, sense of resourcefulness, inner resilience, self-empowerment and self-reliance), as these internal resources will propel you into feeling more abundant.

Learn valuable processes to get yourself unblocked, magnetise yourself to your goals and open yourself to receive abundance. Not only will you get more clarity, but you’ll get simple, yet powerful tools to transform your life and empower yourself.

During the 4 weeks, you’ll be working the 4 MODULES:


 Energetic empowerment – 3 guided processes:

Receive three powerful energy activations to feel more empowered, abundant and to work more easily through your blocks:

Abundance Activation I – feel more ease by connecting to the flow of abundance

Abundance Activation II – get infused with abundance energy and feel more empowered.

Abundance Activation III – magnetise yourself energetically to draw your goals to you and

Open to receive – simple tool to attract what you want to receive.

Self-awareness as the key to opening to receive – becoming aware of what is blocking you and planting the seeds of your intention and strengthening it. Getting clarity what is missing, what you lack and how to start building up your internal resources

Video lessons, 3 audio guided meditations/processes, PDF checklist and other resources.

Clearing recording: Clearing self-doubt and restoring self-trust, strenght and self-awareness


From fear to self-empowerment – 3 guided processes:

Start building a strong foundation to receive – building a feeling of safety and security.

Grounding as the foundation to feel more courageous and empowered.

Learn how being present with yourself is the only way to feel resourceful and more self-empowered. Start embodying more of who you are by clearing fears and low vibrations that keep you in fear and lack of power.

Two energetic activations: a process to reclaim your power back and a self-empowerment energetic activation with a Goddess.

Clearing recording: Dissolve fears and insecurity, building security and sense of safety and feel more empowered


 Feeling worthy and good enough – 4 guided processes:

Healing your negative beliefs: lack, struggle, not worthy, I can’t attitude etc. with a simple energy tool that you can use in your daily self-empowerment practice.

Activation – Infusion of trust and letting go of what no longer serves you.

Connecting to you core, the part of you that is always whole and enlisting the help of your Higher Self in healing. Learn how to work with your negative beliefs (fear, self-doubt, inner critic, perfectionism).

Get clarity at what your real needs are so that you can proactively support yourself.

Clearing recording: Clearing unworthiness/not good enough


 Maintaining high energy levels – 3 guided processes

Learn 5 simple tools and processes to maintain high energy levels:

  • clearing your field of low vibrations
  • protect and strengthen your energy field
  • build trust and open to receive higher guidance
  • connecting to your higher power consciously and on demand
  • powerful releasing statement to use in daily practice
  • Send positive vibration to your timeline

Clearing recording: Anchoring self-love and self-acceptance.

Tips, tools, processes, clearings, guided meditations and steps to take to clear your path to more abundance in your life. Daily support, your questions answered, weekly energy work and energetic empowerment in a private Facebook group.


BONUS ONE – Distance energy clearing work done for you weekly for releasing blocks to abundance: clearing fear, self-doubt, unworthiness and worry and anchoring peace, security, worthiness and clarity (200 $ value).

BONUS TWO – Four Empowered Energetics energy clearing recordings for releasing your blocks to receiving your abundance (50 $ value):

  1. Dissolve fears and insecurity, building security and trust
  2. Clearing unworthiness
  3. Anchor more self-acceptance and self-love
  4. Anchoring personal power and resourcefulness

BONUS THREE – Healing in the Akashic records with a recording sent to you (75 $ value).

The programme will be delivered through a FB group where all materials, videos teaching, audio meditations and guided processes will be uploaded + 4 recordings for clearing/releasing your blocks and for self-empowerment.

SPECIAL BONUS (79 $ value):

One private 1:1 abundance clearing session to heal 4-5 of your blocks, 45 min.

Start date: 10 April 2017 – End date: 5 May 2017

The entire course, weekly energy clearings, guided processes (the total of 20 different processes), special bonuses, Akashic healing and special 1: 1 bonus is worth more than 900 $. The current early bird price is valid until 18 March 2016. The price thereafter is 299 USD.

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„All I can say is, “wow!” Katarina’s program not only facilitated a deeper sense of self love and understanding for me internally, but I could already see differences in my outer world throughout the time of the course. Although financial abundance wasn’t my main reason for this program (but it was one of the sub-reasons!) I saw more progress in that realm in terms of money coming in, and also more clients being referred to me from contacts I hadn’t been in touch with for a while, with high regards. I feel a deeper sense of peace and knowing (and feeling) that I’m aligned, and I am inspired to keep the work going by listening to the short, easy and super effective meditations Katarina posted diligently to the group. She not only was very responsive to us, but was also very supportive and made me feel at ease with all the deep work being done. With the tools she gave us, I know the healing and strengthening will continue for me far beyond the end of the course. I feel lighter, more clear-headed and inspired to take action, and know that I’m supported more than ever with the lasting changes I’ve felt on all levels from the Abundance Made Easy program.“ – T.G., Los Angeles


„What an abundant and rich program on abundance and adding more ease and grace to my life!

I have participated in many personal growth programs and this one had by far more substance and personal attention than most that cost much more. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of substance offered, including thought-provoking worksheet and questionnaire, guided processes, energy-clearing recordings, Akashic record healing and one-on-one clearing session.

I also love that work did not require a lot of time and effort and addressed more than abundance in all aspects of my life, including in finances and relationships.

I will be replaying many of the guided processes, as I know I am still a work in progress, though feel like I have cleared many limiting blocks during this program.

Katarina, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and energy!”

Mariette Pan, San Diego



A few months ago, I was feeling really low. I was unusually anxious and discouraged and I felt like quitting my business and even moving away somewhere no one will know me. I just couldn’t see anything in my future to brighten me up and I really didn’t like myself.

Honestly, I thought I needed psychotherapy. I decided, half-heartedly, to try this course Katarina was offering although I didn’t believe I could get much better any time soon.
As the course started, I did our assignments, I listened to the tracks, and I was amazed to actually feel relieved and most of my frustrations didn’t seem real anymore. In next couple of weeks, I felt my energy rising and I could see I was supported and understood. By the end of the course, I was so inspired and encouraged I had actually created a new course outline and promotion campaign and I’ll be launching it soon!
I still don’t know what magic lies behind Katarina’s powers but I know this surge of energy and the return of my joie-de-vivre wouldn’t be possible without her!
Sunita Prodan Benolic
Online Business Mentor