Arcturian Resonance

ARCTURIAN RESONANCE Practitioner course

5-week course

Next class begins in September/October 2018

If you’re drawn to working with Arcturian healing frequencies and energies, come and learn additional ways to work with your Arcturian guides, Lord Arcturus and various Galactic Healers.

The course includes 2 live zoom classes delivered over a period of 5 weeks with 15 activations.

INTRO live zoom CLASS includes

  • Attunement to the Lord of Arcturus and Galactic Healers for further healing and increased growth
  • Attunement to use the 15 activations/sessions for your clients live or remotely
  • Additional info on how to work with Arcturian energies

Activations/Sessions include tools for your own personal use and your own growth and expansion in working with your Arcturian guide, Lord Arcturus and Galactic Healers, as well as specific activations that you will be able to offer your clients:

  • Prana Wind Machine – clear energetic debris
  • Arcturian Light Infusion Technology – for healing physical issues
  • Love and Joy Chamber – increase your vibration to joy and love
  • Mechanism Chamber for physical healing
  • Expanding your consciousness by connecting to 5D + get light and energy downloads from 5D
  • Healing in the Arcturian Chamber of Light

You will get additional 15 activations that you can BOTH use for yourself and your clients in healing sessions, thus you will have 15 different types of sessions you can offer:

  • Deep Auric Clearing
  • Implant and Entities Clearing
  • Clearing Emotional/Mental/Physical Trauma
  • Clearing 13 chakras
  • Emotional Reset – from over-reactivity to response
  • Repairing 4 bodies and Clearing Negative Imprints
  • Nervous System Upgrade
  • Life Purpose Activation
  • Shift your Perception Point – Shift Assemblage point
  • Connecting Mind and Heart
  • Heart and Brain Synchronisation
  • Higher Heart Activation – Catalyst for Higher Consciousness
  • Increase Light Quotient – the amount of light you can hold
  • Widening your Antakarana (central energy center)
  • Soul retrieval

The course includes 2 live zoom sessions (with the recorded replay) and a FB group.


Recorded bonuses:


Master Healer activation (activating all your clairs and capacities to be a Master Healer)

DNA upgrade activation (even if your DNA is already activated, this will get you further activated)


Get yourself or your client in a receiving mode and theta state in a matter of seconds

A tool to clear any negative emotions and thoughts on the go with a simple command

Psychic Protection Activation for increased energetic protection

Price: $299